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Freeview Firmware Upgrades

Welcome to my Freeview Firmware Broadcast Schedules page which allows you to set an alert whenever there's a firmware update available for your Freeview or Freeview+ digibox, PVR or integrated television. Announcements are added automatically within a day of them appearing on the Digital TV Group's website, and you can opt to receive an email reminder for any of the devices covered.

What is Firmware?

Firmware is the programming that controls your TV, digibox or PVR. To learn more about Firmware and why you should install it, click on 'WHAT IS FIRMWARE?' in the top menu.

Is Firmware available for my device?

New Firmware upgrades are being released all the time for most of the latest TVs, digiboxes and PVRs. To see if there's an OTA (Over the Air) upgrade for your device, just click on the 'FIND YOUR DEVICE' link in the top menu and select a manufacturer from the list that appears to see if your device is covered.


Sky Remote Codes
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