freeview firmware

What is Firmware?

'Firmware' refers to low-level programming that handles all of the behind-the-scenes operation of an electronic device. It may consist of actual programs, scripting and data structures and is not normally accessible to the end user, who will usually control the device through an interface produced by the firmware.

It helps if you consider the term 'firm'-ware itself to mean 'not as hard as hardware but harder than software'. Usually firmware will sit between the hardware and software, acting as an intermediary.

When we talk about firmware for your digibox, TV or PVR we mean the software that, for example, handles the recordings for you, or tells the receiver to pick up a new channel when you press a button on the remote. You do not physically change the channel yourself, but send a signal to the firmware - usually via the remote - instructing it to make the change for you.

Why should I update Firmware?

Because firmware is complicated, low-level programming produced by humans it inevitably contains mistakes. Most devices can now be upgraded over the air with a firmware update which fixes these bugs and often introduces new features or expands on existing ones. Upgrading your firmware is the best way to ensure your device functions as intended.

What does 'OTA' mean?

'OTA' stands for 'Over The Air'. With the advent of Digital Television you can also receive files digitally as well, complete with checks to ensure that anything sent has arrived in one piece. This means that your devices can be upgraded via the television channels themselves, with no need to call an electrician or take the device to a repair centre.

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